This morning I just barely missed being slammed into by a car running a stop sign at about 50 mph. (For those of you local, I was on Blue Star and she flew right in front of me across Wiley road 😳). I was rattled for a few minutes thinking of everything that would have could have ensued, or every little detail of my morning that might have changed my timing by just enough to save my life. I kept thinking, “I could have been killed”. And then I thought, “but I wasn’t”. I get to go ahead and do all the things I intended on doing today. I get to show up for my patients and pick my kids up from school. And the thing is, I missed that car by just a second today, but I miss a car EVERY day. Every single day thus far, I have escaped death - just some days more narrowly than others. Perhaps I needed a reminder that every day truly is a privilege that none of us are necessarily entitled to.

Posted by Kate at 2021-04-12 17:02:56 UTC