Happy solstice everyone! I don't know why I find there's something reassuring about acknowledging the solstices - I'm no Druid :-) I also don't know why I especially like posting quotes but I've accumulated a small stash of them which I've decided to post daily over the coming week, for no particular reason... Most of them are 'Anon', which I don't like because I'd rather give credit to their 'authors', but I've gathered them by trawling the web and their sources simply weren't credited where I found them. I suppose they could perhaps be seen as having evolved in the same way that 'traditional' folk songs have? Starting tomorrow I'll post them in groups of three, again for no particular reason other than that just feels right to me... But today I'll post only one, which seems to me to be ideal for this Community: "The feelings that bind us to other people do not depend on geography or distance" - Anon.

Posted by RichardA at 2021-06-21 16:19:31 UTC