I'm forever grateful for having a loving and supportive wife, and a wonderful family ... as I am the father of 6 and now the grandfather of 7, and counting. I'm a lucky man. For decades, I have lived far away from my family of origin and the friends with whom I grew up. I don't see, or even talk to this great group of friends that often, but they remain close to me in my heart. When we do talk or get together, there is no awkward warm up time ... we dive right in and relish every minute of the time we spend together. I draw great comfort from knowing that these friends know me to the core, shared the experiences that shaped, grounded and continue to guide me, know how much I value their friendship, and know that they are willing (and wanting) to support me in every way they can when needed. For this, and much more, I am very grateful.

Posted by Jim at 2021-07-23 20:30:14 UTC