HI, I’m Mary. I’ve been an human rights educator since the late 1990’s and worked in Newspapers In Education for two tabloids in the area before. Mostly before, I got to raise boys who were active and led not the regular toddler to twenty life. It was the best part of my life and with CoVID, I miss seeing my boys every day. They are kind and accomplished but lately I’ve had fantasies of moving to the NorCal or DC areas to be near them. I’d have my own life but I know I’d get to see them more often. I’ve been married for over 45 years and with my husband for 3-4 years prior. I love the days he’s home, not often enough and I miss the wonderful trips we used to take. I have no grandchildren but two sweet pups to keep me active. Did I say, I’m anxious to travel again to find my next favorite spot?

Posted by maryzpeterman at 2021-10-01 21:37:11 UTC